Bike Sizing

Looking to buy a new, or used bike but not entirely sure what size and geometry to buy? We can help! With our Calfee Sizer Cycle we are quickly able to replicate any existing bike geometry (road, mountain and triathlon bikes) to make sure you are investing in the right size and bike for you.

Fees range from AED 100 (quick check) to AED 1000 (detailed sizing + bike fit once the bike has been bought)

Bike Fitting

You have a bike but are not 100% comfortable and/or efficient on it? We can help with that too!

Our Fitting takes about 90 minutes and includes

* Detailed training, goals and injury history interview

* Saddle height check and saddle assessment

* Handlebar/cockpit height, angel and width adjustments

* Reach assessment

* Cleat adjustments

* Advise on flexibility routine or physio visit (if required)

* Refit after a couple of rides

AED 680 for road and mountain bikes

AED 895 for triathlon bikes and road bikes with aerobars

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